Declared mission

Unique, solid, life-saving swimming pools, personalized in the smallest detail, irreproachable execution, permanent technical support.

Who we are?

Aqua Azur Pools

We are swimming pool experts, thanks to our experience and customers. For more than a decade, we have a relaxing corner wherever customers want. We are a professional team for which quality will always be a priority.

We build dozens of turn-key swimming pools, public and residential swimming pools, for which we offer full post-execution services.

With us you will benefit from extensive warranties, prompt interventions, spare parts for which you do not have to wait, quality guaranteed by the complete production of all equipment in the European Union!

We invest in people and equipment to give you uniqueness and strength. We are unique because, besides the quality standard of our pools, the client gives the other dimensions.









Aqua Azur Pools

Professional Consulting

Brancusi said that architecture is inhabited sculpture. Then the pool could be a big corner integrated into this sculpture.

Integrated aqua park / spa systems

Pools add value to the most elegant buildings. Even if swimming pools can not be locked themselves, Aqua Azur has turnkey solutions.

Public indoor and outdoor pools

Just as a clothes suit is cut according to the size and the customer's specifications, we also personalize your investment in relaxation.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

We know you will like good taste! A car, a computer, the style of clothing say this about each of us. How many of these objects increase or even keep their value?

Professional solutions for swimming pools and spa

Professional technical solutions for swimming pools, based on professional filtering, recirculation, water treatment and heating equipment KRIPSOL.

Focus on the success of your investment

The full range of services offered by Aqua Azur helps us provide you with professional solutions in the leisure industry and amusement parks. Our services include:


Transform vision into a reality with our planning team.

Personalized Solutions

We know that imagination has no limits. Aqua Azur offers customized solutions to customers.


From idea to final construction, we are step by step with you.

Aqua Azur

01. How do we work?

Do you dream of the perfect pool? With us, in a few moments, your dream becomes 3D animation. Together we plunge into a dream of 3D animation. Let us take our imagination to him and rely on the skill of our team to make the dream come true!

We also offer technical advice, customized and functional design. We always want better, more beautiful, more efficient, more environmentally friendly!

Aqua Azur

02. What services do we offer?

Integrated systems for aqua park centers and any type of spa equipment. Public indoor and outdoor pools. Residential and indoor swimming pools. Professional consultancy for public swimming pool projects and aqua park leisure centers.

Unique, solid, life-saving swimming pools, personalized in the smallest detail, irreproachable execution, permanent technical support.

Aqua Azur

03. Who are we working with?

With professionals who produce the best equipment and professional equipment for swimming pools and spa; we benefit from information and technical support permanently updated to the news in the field.

Our main supplier of professional equipment for swimming pools is the Spanish manufacturer KRIPSOL, whose sole representative is in Romania.




Pool Concept Store

Monday – Friday: 8: 30- 18:00 / Saturday: 9: 00-14: 00 / Sundays: closed

For further information and answers to questions about the company and its services, you can contact us by phone, email or using the contact form below:

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Valentin Mariscu: 0721 32 00 95

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Daniela Mariscu: 0723 35 93 59


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